Windmill Day Nursery, East Grinstead
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Highfield Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 2DX
Phone: 01342 328544
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We welcome and encourage ongoing feedback from all parents whose children attend Windmill Day Nursery. In addition we conduct an anonymous annual survey amongst our parents to look at what we are doing well and what, if anything, we can do differently. You can view feedback by clicking here

2014 Recommendations

‘Thank you for all you do for my son. You are all amazing!’

‘Thank you so, so much for taking care of our boys for the last 6 years! You have played an important part in both their lives. They have learnt to share, be polite, join in, to be independent, how to behave, how to be happy…all of this is down to your hard work, care and love. Windmill and its brilliant staff have been part of the boys and our lives since they were both 11 months old – we are so sad to say goodbye.’

‘Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. Both our children are so happy to spend time with you.’

‘I am so happy with Windmill. I am so, so glad that we decided to choose you chaps. It is so hard for us as we are so far away from him. If I think about the distance for too long it actually makes me feel sick. I could not do it if I did not have absolute faith that my son was safe but above all happy in his environment. A huge thank you to you and all of the staff.’

‘Thank you to you all for being so clear about my son’s additional needs – the information given by you and his key person was spot on – thank you so much for your support.’