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We welcome and encourage ongoing feedback from all parents whose children attend Windmill Day Nursery. In addition we conduct an anonymous annual survey amongst our parents to look at what we are doing well and what, if anything, we can do differently. You can view feedback by clicking here

2016 Recommendations

‘My daughter’s enjoyed her time at Windmill. We’ve been so impressed with you all and how she has developed since joining – it’s a fantastic nursery, you all do a great job.’

2015 Recommendations

‘Thank you for all your hard work, making Windmill such a lovely nursery that my son really enjoys.’

Thank you so much for welcoming my daughter into your lovely ‘home from home’. She had an amazing time and has learnt a lot in such a short period she was with you. Thank you for your amazing work, you are the best!’

‘Your nursery and staff are amazing! I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of my little girl and having such a huge influence on making her such a nice little person!’

‘Just wanted to say, I was really impressed with a member of staff when I picked up yesterday – what a lovely girl. Thumbs up to her!’

2014 Recommendations

‘Thank you for all you do for my son. You are all amazing!’

‘Thank you so, so much for taking care of our boys for the last 6 years! You have played an important part in both their lives. They have learnt to share, be polite, join in, to be independent, how to behave, how to be happy…all of this is down to your hard work, care and love. Windmill and its brilliant staff have been part of the boys and our lives since they were both 11 months old – we are so sad to say goodbye.’

‘Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. Both our children are so happy to spend time with you.’

‘I am so happy with Windmill. I am so, so glad that we decided to choose you chaps. It is so hard for us as we are so far away from him. If I think about the distance for too long it actually makes me feel sick. I could not do it if I did not have absolute faith that my son was safe but above all happy in his environment. A huge thank you to you and all of the staff.’

‘Thank you to you all for being so clear about my son’s additional needs – the information given by you and his key person was spot on – thank you so much for your support.’

2013 Recommendations

“People believe OFSTED are the number one reason for choosing a nursery. Staff are the number one priority and Windmill have the loveliest group of people and my children have never been happier”

“I liked Windmill Nursery as soon as I walked into it. The atmosphere is warm and homely, the children seem happy and engaged and there is a healthy amount of noise and exuberance. The staff are friendly and flexible and my child seems to be settling in really well!”

“Following his big brother’s footsteps, our second son absolutely loves his time at Windmill Day Nursery.  He has the same key-worker and routine which worked before for us so well, thank you”

“Windmill offers a very caring, supportive and fun environment for our son.  The staff our fantastic and the day seems to always be packed with fun and learning.  I would recommend Windmill.  Don’t bother looking anywhere else!”

“Always feel you give the time for feedback at the end of each day – really nice to have as didn’t have the same ‘chat’ at previous nursery”

“As soon as you walk into the nursery it has this warm feeling about it.  All the children seem extremely happy and staff are brilliant and so caring with children”

“Love the fact that the children are taken into the amazing play area all weathers”

“The children always seem to be busy and doing new things”

“The transition from Monkey Room to Panda Room was managed well and my child settled in to the new room and key worker really well.  They never lose contact with people they have grown close to as it is such an intimate environment.  My child really loves it at Windmill.  Best decision we ever made!”

2012 Recommendations

You can see from these comments (the first year we ran the anonymised study) that we also received positive feedback.  The areas to improve in 2012 related redecoration and cosmetic appearance of the nursery which we actioned through our redecoration plan.

“Jack settled into Windmill very well and all the staff welcomed him and took the time to ensure he was happy and content.  It is a very personal approach here so each child is given the support and attention they require.  Now Jack loves going and it is sometimes hard to get him home as he won’t leave the toys!” (March 2012)

“We changed Kimberley’s nursery to Windmill over a year ago and I’m so please we did.  There seems to be more structure to the children’s day which is exactly what Kimberley needs – routine!  Kimberley regularly tells me that she loves her friends and teachers!!!” (March 2012)

“A lovely nursery with staff who genuinely care about my child’s welfare and development, whilst still insuring he has lots of fun” (March 2012)

“Oliver loves going to Windmill.  He’s made lots of friends, is very happy and is learning all the time.  He settled so quick due to all of the hard work of the girls.  Windmill is like his home from home” (March 2012)

“The nursery is warm and friendly.  Lily loves to go to nursery.  She has fun and is learning so much.  I am always happy that Lily’s safety and well being are the nursery’s highest priority” (March 2012)

“My two sons have both attended Windmill and loved every minute of it.  They enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the same time they are able to make lots of mess!  Thank you to all of the staff for making our nursery experience so pleasurable” (March 2012)

“Megan has really enjoyed her time at Windmill.  She adores the staff and has lots of fun.  She really loves playing out in the garden, which they do often come rain or shine!” (March 2012)

“The nursery has a very welcoming lovely ‘feel’ about it” (March 2012)