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We welcome and encourage ongoing feedback from all parents whose children attend Windmill Day Nursery. In addition we conduct an anonymous annual survey amongst our parents to look at what we are doing well and what, if anything, we can do differently. You can view feedback by clicking here


The Windmill Day Nursery is Ofsted registered and therefore we are regularly inspected (on average every three to five years). We were last inspected on 11 June 2015 with a very positive outcome.

Ofsted’s key judgements are summarised below.

Overall judgment – Good

All children make good progress. Staff plan a wide range of activities that promote children’s learning but also incprporate their interests, which motivates them to learn.

Meeting the needs of the children – Good

Staff have a secure understanding of how to promote and extend children’s learning through play. They adapt activities to extend children’s communication skills. They are skilled at knowing when to guide or give children time to explore independently so that they have choice and control over their learning. Staff foster children’s love of books and read with enthusiasm, which engages them and promotes their literacy skills.

Contribution to the well-being of children  – Good

Children behave well because satff are consistent, have high expectations and are positive role models. All children have secure relationships with staff. Children enjoy a range of activities outdoors, which helps to promote their healthy lifestyles. Staff provide encouragement and praise, which helps to develop confidence.

Leadership and Mangement – Good

The manager has an extremely confident knowledge of the requirements of the EYFS. High regard for staff training means all staff have a confident knowledge of their responsibilities in keeping children safe. She provides specific training to promote staff’s professional development. The manager has implemented many improvements that have had a positive impact on children’s learning.

Further information
You can view the full report and get further information on the full inspection process from the Ofsted website, to view click here.