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These rooms are designed for children to explore, to discover new experiences, to develop independent skills and to build relationships with each other and with adults.

Our children are always active and have the freedom to choose which area they would prefer to explore (Giraffe room, Creative room and Quiet room), as each room offers a different experience. The children also take part in cooking activities to help prepare our tea for the day!

Children take part in a variety of activities throughout the day including joining in with 'circle time' within their key groups. They also have the opportunity for some quiet time to snuggle up and listen to their favourite stories, or simply lay down and have a rest.

Meal times are just as important as rest and play and our meals are handmade, balanced and nutritious. To develop their independence skills, the children serve their own food and pour their own drinks. They then wash up their own plates and cutlery before cleaning their teeth.

Staff are led by the children's interests, and our children learn through their play; they are the inspiration to the projects we undertake.

The children have access to a vast selection of books that they can choose themselves, and they can also borrow books from our own library. We recently took part in a Reading Project to develop children’s literacy skills and help them become confident and enthusiastic readers and writers.