Our delicious, quality, handmade lunches are delivered hot on a daily basis by Healthy Roots. The menus are balanced, nutritious, appealing and designed specifically for children. They change every fortnight using natural ingredients and seasonal produce and a copy of the menu is on display in nursery. We cater for individual dietary needs including preferences, intolerances, allergies and religious requirements.

We also provide fresh fruit, and other items, for snack for all children and, we provide breakfast and tea for children who attend a full day session.

Meal times are an important part of our day. The children serve their own food and eat together, with the adults, in a family environment to encourage the children to try new foods, to role-model good table manners and to promote a social environment and good communication skills. We then all wash up our own plates and cutlery before cleaning our teeth.

For more information about our lunchtime supplier, please visit ZEBEDEES