We want your child to enjoy their time in nursery

,,,, and every day they are offered support to have fun and to be creative. This is why when you come into the nursery you will see examples of the artwork created by children displayed throughout the nursery.

We encourage the children to lead the creative play while the staff support them with developing their ideas. For example recently several children expressed an interest in colour mixing so they created a huge piece of artwork with their hands and feet which we displayed along our corridor.

Children in the Giraffe room expressed an interest in the Jack and the Beanstalk story and they made their own beanstalk picture which almost reached from floor to ceiling!

Mark Making

 ... Mark Making is about having fun making marks with everything from a simple pencil to making bubble pictures with washing up liquid and paint or making tyre tracks in foam.

You can make marks with anything and on anything and the EYFS linked document explains more about mark making and how this supports early writing skills.

Although the booklet is aimed at child care professionals we hope you find it interesting and informative. You can down load the booklet as a PDF and read it on your computer, if you have any problems the nursery has a hard copy which can be borrowed by parents.